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Building blocks

Christian Character (Gal 5:22-23): Sharing, Kindness, Helpfulness, Joyfulness, Loving, Patience, Gentleness, Self-control, Manners ("Please and Thank you")

Self-Reliance: Taking care of personal needs, Cooperation with others, Sharing experience with others, Knowing where one's space is located.

Bible: Bible verse each month, Bible stories, Christian Character

Academics: Introduction to letters, Introduction to 8 Basic Colors, Counting 1-10, Introduction to 4 Basic Shapes, Introduction to calendar, Introduction to basic science concepts, God as creator of plants and animals.

Work Habits: Following directions, Taking care of equipment, Sitting in a group, Standing in a line, Speaking in sentences, Learning to be a student, Speaking in front of a group, Learning to show respect towards others.

Physical Development: Muscle Building activitiesRide Tricycle

Fine Motor: Scissor Skills, Holding writing tools, Using different art mediums

Music: Singing songs, Learning percussion instruments, Using rhythm sticks, Movement to the music

Celebration: First day of school, Harvest, Giving Thanks, Christmas, Easter, Appreciation of Mother’s and Father’s, Letter related festivities

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