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Windsor Christian Academy exists to glorify God by developing students in Biblical truth and training students in foundational academics.



Windsor Christian Academy’s philosophy is based upon the Word of God. The primary objective and purpose of the school is to train the student in the Christian way of life and to give the student a good general education. Since the primary reason for the existence of the school is a spiritual ministry, evangelistic efforts are made to bring all students to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.


The academic program is developed to provide students with the best possible program of studies. There is emphasis on the mastery of the fundamental blocks of material necessary for satisfactory achievement in these areas. Along with the acquisition of facts and concepts in the areas studied, stress is placed upon the development and exercise of the powers of reasoning. Methods of teaching proven to be effective are utilized with a constant search for better methods. Realizing the difference in innate ability, we encourage and expect each student to do his or her best. We believe the traditional system of education educates the mind and builds character. It encourages competition and teaches the value of living under a free enterprise system of government. 


Character training is an important element in Windsor Christian Academy. The teacher is the authority in the classroom. Discipline is administered in a consistent and fair manner. To love God and his established authority is emphasized in order to equip students to fulfill God's plan for their life as they grow and contribute to society.

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